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Are you serious?
December 19, 2008, 1:23 pm
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Tonight was class night.  I met my intro to agility class for the first time.  It’s always a challenge to start the intro class right, too much basics  and they won’t come back; not enough basics and they continue on without the skills they need.  I am hoping to set the right tone with doing “fun” stuff with not so fun stuff that they need.

Helmet class as my competition agility class affectionately calls itself, was a trial.  My dogs are still not getting the grid work, Kit included.  I’m going to take the time off this week to watch Susan Salo’s Jump training DVD AGAIN, to see what I’m doing wrong.  I think we aren’t spending enough time on getting the foot work right before we’re adding in height.  Again it’s the balance, hearing some complaining about it being boring, but heard the same thing about contact work and now we have some super contacts.  We will push thru, means to an end so we can run sequences without dropping bars.

Then there is the weave dilemma to practice on poor traction or not practice until spring.  I don’t know that I can NOT do weaves for all winter, but if Susan Garretts two by twos really does only take twelve days there is no real reason to do it before we can be outside.  Decisions decisions.



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